Be Filled


As we read through the book of James, we understand his call for faith and action to work together to build the Kingdom. How do we make that happen?

I believe that the Christian life is like a sponge in water. The sponge is in the water and the water is in the sponge.The sponge is our abundant life in God through Christ and we grow in maturity and life abundant as we invite Him fully into our lives. He has given us righteousness, peace and joy through His Holy Spirit in us. We flourish and grow in the gifts of the Spirit. The more fully immersed we are in Him, the more complete we are.

The water is the fruit of His life in us flowing out of our lives. As we are filled with abundance, we overflow with love, compassion, kindness and goodness for the world that God loves. Our service to the world is a natural flow from God to those in need. 

Abundance and fruitfulness. It’s in you to give.
~Sandy Green