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Many of us are familiar with the verse in Lam. 3:23, which says that “the Lord’s mercies are new every morning.” It was during the youth canoe trip to Kawartha Heights Prov. Park that I experienced God’s Word in a new and fresh way. I read Psalm 19, doing an exercise that I’d designed for our group. It is a wonderful passage that speaks of the ways God communicates: through the silent voice of nature, the written voice of the Word, and the inner voice of our conscience (morality). One phrase jumped out that day. Verse six says “the sun rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is hidden from its heat.”

Remember that we were out in the wilderness, camping during the heat wave that affected the entire eastern side of the continent. There was no air conditioning or ice-cold drinks. Our tents were hot, the shade was hot, and you could fry an egg (or a body) in the direct sunlight. That’s where verse seven came in, which says that “the law of the Lord refreshes the soul.” I recalled from past study that the word “refreshes” is the same word for quenches, or cools. It was exactly what we experienced when we found the one place we could get away from the heat of the sun; the cool, clean water of the lake. It was a welcomed, fresh, new lesson from the Word of God.