I can do all things


The funny thing about life changing experiences is that they only really change your life. You can try and explain the situation, the emotions, and the impact, but unless the person was there, and touched in the same way something always gets missed in the communication. I’ve tried to explain to a few people about my race two weeks ago, and I watch how their eyes gloss over.


There was one thing that happened that I wanted to share. In the mist of the hardest physical and mental thing I have done in my life, God was there. I wanted to give up, and He gave me a moment of peace. I turned around to walk backwards up a particularly steep hill, and caught a view of the green valleys, farmland and trees. And it was a clear reminder of how far I had come, and what God had made. Then a verse came into my mind, and like a babbling fool, I chanted it to myself through the rest of the race. “I can do all thing through Him who gives my strength.” Philippians 4:13

There are going to be events that you go through that no one else is going to understand. Struggles that people just don’t get. But the great thing is that God is there. He fully understands and wants you to know He is there with you.