How has your life changed with Christ in it?

Some people think a like this word art. They can listen to a song, read a passage, or hear a sermon and it all becomes a jumble of words. Some phrases are more powerful then others, some stick out, and some won't leave their mind no matter how much they try. This week Pastor Dwayne spoke on 1 Peter 5 vrs 1-3.

Pastor Dwayne asked the question of how has your life changed with Christ in it? Peter was already serving Jesus when he was 'pre-pentecost". He spoke without thinking, acted without weighting consequences, and was controlled by fear. And his "pro-pentecost" moment changed him profoundly to speak with power, act in obedience, serve in humility, and trust in God fully.

Looking at the word art the phrase, "as God wants you to be," sticks out most to me. What would our lives look like is we actively presuded "as God wants you to be"?

What phrase sticks out to you?