Challenged to Pray


This weekend, you may have walked away from David Chotka's lessons with questions. You might have been challenged to review, renew, or change items in your prayer and devotional life. You might have even realized that you have some gaps in your Biblical knowledge that you need to fix. I fit into all three and am completely ready to tackle this spiritual challenge.

Being challenged spiritually is a lot like being challenged physically. You have a choice, you can leave things as they are now, knowing that you will fall into an unhealthy lifestyle. Or, you can do the hard work and over come the challenge, becoming healthier and stronger for your next challenge. In fitness they say you are 30% more likely to succeed if you post your goals on social media, as such mine are below.

I downloaded 50 day's in prayer by David Chotka from and I plan to work through it. I also downloaded an app called Echo, which is like a digital prayer book, but it also sends me reminders every few days, so I get more in the habit of a dedicated prayer time. 2nd I am committing to start reading one book a month that isn't a devotional or testimonial, but rather something deeper, study type material. Lastly, I decided to post this, because frankly I need that 30% increase in success for forming some new, stronger, habits.