There are so many distractions we face every day. Our sermon this week was titled – Determining your “Rule of Life.” Hence the question, what rules your life? Work, Social Media, Food, Money, Technology, Stuff? We live in a society that likes to put faith on the shelf, to compartmentalize it. Instead of faith, it throws all this other stuff at us. We need to be like more like Daniel in our daily lives; to see the things that distract us, and to choose to keep God the central focus of our lives.

Its funny sometimes how God works. It can be hard to understand, and its not always linear. I had a FB post ready to go for today, but it didn't sit quite right with me, so I set it aside to edit it this morning.

Then God sent me a lovely lady, L. L recently took a step of faith, and it was scary and it was unsure. But she followed what God told her to do. She lite up the room while I was talking to her. She gave me encouragement I didn't even know I needed.

Just like Vera Kuranji said on Sunday. Sometimes we are called to take a first step. No promises of success, nothing lines up like WE would like, but we know we were called. Take that 1 scary step, that act of faith, and He will take the next thousand. God is in control.